Save Marple Greenspace

Save Marple Greenspace is committed to saving the Don Guanella forest for future generations. It's the last large patch of woods in eastern Delaware County which is the second most densely populated county in Pennsylvania. Given its ecological and recreational value, the importance of this 185 acre expanse of tree cover cannot be overstated. 


Recent Articles

An ocean of water wasted

We just conducted a routine review of the "Sproul Road Developers" file at the Marple Township building to see if there was anything new relating to Peter Miller’s proposed residential development of the Don Guanella forest. It contained an upsetting letter which sheds ...                                                

sproul road traffic congestion.JPG

There's just no where for the traffic to go

Carlino would have you believe that restriping Sproul and adding turn lanes to Sproul at the Dairy Queen and to Lawrence at Popeye's Chicken is all it will take to make our version of Long Island traffic vanish. Don't you hear this from every developer's traffic engineer, that they won't be making traffic worse?


Using Eminent Domain has many precedents

It was with overwhelming public support that Telluride’s town council condemned land. Their position was that the public good was better served by leaving the land along the San Miguel River as open space and protecting its recreational, ecological, and historical value. The state Supreme Court upheld the confiscation.

Lawrence park shopping center.png

Comparing  Carlino

Putting lipstick on a piggish development won't hide the fact that a 47 acre monstrous commercial developmnent would crush Sproul Road with 30k new vehicle trips. This road is already overburdened with 33,000 average daily vehicle trips.  

eagle's lincoln financial field.png

carlino plan is too big

We're offered the false choice of either accepting a huge commercial center bigger than Lawrence Park Shopping Center or losing the forest entirely. Carlino doesn't mention, of course, that they could build a much smaller center...

puff of smoke carlino the illusionist.jpg

carlino the Illusionist

Carlino wants to convince area residents that something 8 acres bigger than the Springfield Mall complex  would be just wonderful. Like a magician, they're attempting to divert your eye from the new 30,000 daily vehicle trips that would enter and exit the center each day.


Your donation will help defray the costs of our coming legal bills. Saving the Don Guanella forest won't come cheap.